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Basement / Cellar Waterproofing, Damp Proofing, Wet & Dry Rot Treatment & Repair in London

Based in London, Crown Preservation cover Surrey, Kent, Essex & Middlesex. We specialise in the following treatments for both residential and commercial buildings, either for existing owners or prospective buyers:

» Basement / Cellar Waterproofing

Also known as Tanking, this is a way of dealing with penetrating damp.

» Rising Damp & Damp Proofing

Often identifiable by a white band of salts, this is where a wall draws up moisture from the ground.

» Condensation

Very often overlooked as a cause of damp, and - unlike rising or penetrating damp - has to be prevented rather than treated.

» Dry Rot & Wet Rot

Various types of fungi can thrive in wood (and in the case of dry rot) plaster, cement and brick.

» Wall Ties

For the stabilaisation of cavity walls due to existing wall tie failure.

» Woodworm

Information about the more common wood beetle larvae infestations.